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Here on locals, Monica Perez & Brad Binkley and the whole Propaganda Report community bring you podcasts, videos, thoughtful posts, fun exchanges, parodies, interviews and even cocktail parties and recipes! Unlike our offerings on any other platform, this is where we live! Sharing our work and ourselves with the many, many great people we have met through the Propaganda Report who join us here on locals for the great quality material and high level of personal interaction. If you’re new to our show or to us, here’s what we’re all about:

About the Show

Join co-hosts Monica & Brad as they pull back the curtain and use the corporate media itself to expose the truth behind the propaganda. The Propaganda Report’s weekday show, The Drivetime News Blast, brings listeners news of the day from a perspective of truth, liberty & justice. The Propaganda Report proper brings listeners fascinating interviews with principled thought-leaders and experts in fields of interest essential to those seeking the truth about the parasites-that-be or simply pursuing an autonomous and independently healthy lifestyle. Interview topics include agorism, permaculture, homesteading, bitcoin, deep history, and the activities of the “Bigs,” from Big Pharma to Big Philanthropy & everything in between.

About Monica

Monica is co-host of the Propaganda Report podcast which brings listeners not only fascinating interviews with principled thought-leaders, but also the Drivetime News Blast, a daily show delivering news of the day from a perspective of truth, liberty & justice. Monica was a radio host for 8 ½ years on WSB Radio in Atlanta and prior to that was an investment banker in New York and Texas. From that previous life, Monica holds an associate’s degree from Rockland Community College, a bachelor’s degree from Harvard, and a JD-MBA from Stanford. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst as well as a member of the bar of the State of New York. Monica now resides in Los Angeles where, in addition to podcasting, she experiences life as a wife, homemaker and mother of three teens, all of whom–including a very special son who has Down syndrome–really keep things interesting! Monica is also a cocktail enthusiast who posts her favorite recipes on* (*This hobby may or may not be related to having three teens and living in LA.)

About Brad

Brad is co-host of the Propaganda Report and the Drivetime News Blast after having produced Monica’s show on WSB for 4 ½ years. Brad enjoys a long history in the arts, including numerous appearances in film as well as performing stand-up and improv in Atlanta and beyond. In addition, Brad is fascinated with propaganda and “deep history” and brings the benefit of this interest to Propaganda Report Deep Dives on Rokfin with in-depth research into the plots of the powers-that-be as they themselves reveal in their own materials.

Community Guidelines

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  • Relax, be yourself, and enjoy

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